Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

tuina.jpgTraditional Chinese Medicine  (TCM) has been developed through thousands of years of observation and practice. It is compromised of a number of key components,

Acupuncture – Is the insertion of fine needles into specific locations on the body It is used to treat a wide variety of conditions such as pain, trauma and injury through to emotional and hormonal in balances.

Chinese Herbs - are derived from a wide variety of sources from plant, mineral and animal matter. Chinese Herbs are often extremely effective for many common and rare health complaints. Chinese Herbs can be used in conjunction or independently from acupuncture and the other modalities within TCM

Tuina - is Therapeutic Chinese massage that incorporates the through TCM diagnostic model and applies this to certain massage techniques to treat and relieve the patients complaints. Often the patient will leave feeling relaxed and energised after a tuina treatment.